Xylofon - HTML5

Xylofon – HTML5

Free Download Xylofon – HTML5 (Nulled) [Latest Version] Xylofon HTML5 Easy original musical instrument You can record own song and play it or play prepared songs Xylofon shows how many times you should play a note Usage maybe for: Good start for mobile or web game Use in e-commerce christmas page …

HTML5 Animation Library

HTML5 Animation Library

Free Download HTML5 Animation Library (Nulled) [Latest Version] Lib.js is a JavaScript library that allows you to easily draw and animate objects to any <canvas> element. Lib.js allows you to animate sprite images with a single line of code, allowing for an extremely fast and flexible way of creating games and …

HTML5 Geolocation with Address decoding

HTML5 Geolocation with Address decoding

Free Download HTML5 Geolocation with Address decoding (Nulled) [Latest Version] HTML 5 Geolocation provides you a more robust solution for getting the User location. In addition to providing the coordinates of the user, this library also helps you with their Address & mapping their location with just a single line of …

HTML5 flipbook powered by Livelypaper

HTML5 flipbook powered by Livelypaper

Free Download HTML5 flipbook powered by Livelypaper (Nulled) [Latest Version] livelypaper is responsive and easy to use HTML5 library that enables you to create flipbooks from your pdf publications. Using the library one is able to create amazing flipbooks thats work on majority of modern mobile devices and desktop computers. This …

Bootstrap Plus Plus

Bootstrap Plus Plus

Free Download Bootstrap Plus Plus (Nulled) [Latest Version] A Collection of Missing Components From Bootstrap which can be used with any Bootstrap Skin and color. Its highly customizable with scripts that automatically reads your Bootstrap skin colors and make the components with the same color combination. Fully Documented with Samples. To …

QR Encoder JS Library

QR Encoder JS Library

Free Download QR Encoder JS Library (Nulled) [Latest Version] This item is a JavaScript library that can be used to generate fully customizable QR codes. The QR editing and encoding functionality is 100% done on the client. You are not dependent on internet access or any server side libraries to create …

HTML5 Streetmaps

HTML5 Streetmaps

Free Download HTML5 Streetmaps (Nulled) [Latest Version] This easy to use library allows non-programmers (and programmers alike) to create a wide variety of customized streetmaps using straight HTML (no javascript coding necessary!) Create custom streatmaps with the following mapbox/leaflet built-in features: • streetmap styling(supports the 14 mapbox.js styles) • multi-color markers …