Magento Customer Attributes Extension

Free Download Magento Customer Attributes Extension (Nulled) [Latest Version] For any shop owner, knowing your customers is key to a successful business. 90% of our Magento customers always ask for extra customer attributes within the registration forms i.e. the checkout registration and the customer account area. Here at Green Acorn, we …

EU Cookie Alert Magento Extension

EU Cookie Alert Magento Extension

Free Download EU Cookie Alert Magento Extension (Nulled) [Latest Version] EU Cookie Alert Module is the ultimate Magento cookie extension, which helps you comply with the EU Cookie Law. It’s easy to setup and it really blocks cookies unless they’re allowed to set. Blocked content is automatically replaced with placeholders, including …

Magento Lazy Image Loader

Magento Lazy Image Loader

Free Download Magento Lazy Image Loader (Nulled) [Latest Version] Load your images on demand There are many ways to improve the performance of your magento store. All shop owners will know that product images play an important part. However, there is one problem with this. The more images you have, the …


Serp editor

Free Download Serp editor (Nulled) [Latest Version] What does the MGT SERP tool for Magento? It’s for making sure on what is shown in Google search results. This tool is for starting the SEO process and getting full control of the shown search results on Google & Co A search engine …

Delete magento orders

Delete magento orders

Free Download Delete magento orders (Nulled) [Latest Version] Magento by default does not allow you to delete orders. While this decision makes good sense, many users are still in need of this functionality to delete test orders. Our extension gives you this functionality. Quick-Start: 1. Extract zip archive and copy contents …

Send New Order Email to Admin

Send New Order Email to Admin

Free Download Send New Order Email to Admin (Nulled) [Latest Version] This Magento extension/ Module send new order email to admin with multiple features: This module will send new order email to admin Admin will be able to turn ON or OFF to send new order email to admin Admin will …